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Our motto in bambolango is: it’s not about teaching, it’s about having fun in different languages! Our aim is for kids to play and have fun, while acquiring a second language. This allows them to discover another language in the same way they acquire their mother tongue: in a natural and relaxed manner, listening, observing and interacting with others.

Acquisition vs. instruction
We are all about language acquisition so that your little ones discover a second language in an age appropriate fashion.

Innovative resources
We design bilingual resources specifically for younger children. They’re original and fun!

Native speakers
We speak our mother tongue! This allows us to be natural and spontaneous when communicating with little ones.

Natural bilingualism
We offer more than just a methodology to learn languages because we have lived and breathed bilingualism all our lives.

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We design and carry out activities in other languages for children aged 0+ years. Our sessions are created both for nurseries (in-class activities) and after school, for families (extracurricular activities). What’s more, each child is accompanied by a family member in our extracurricular activities. This encourages the whole family to commit to acquiring a second language and creates an opportunity for you to bond with your little ones in a fun and bilingual environment.

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Creamos materiales bilingües, innovadores, llamativos y divertidos. Los diseñamos específicamente para que los bebés y más pequeños puedan verlos bien, con colores fáciles de visualizar, así como con dibujos o estampados sólidos. ¿Y sabéis que más? Nuestros productos pretenden fomentar la interacción verbal incluyendo un texto que aparece en dos idiomas.

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Llevamos el bilingüismo en la sangre. ¡Esto es lo que nos hace diferentes! Somos dos generaciones de una familia con una larga historia lingüística y sabemos de primera mano qué significa criar a nuestros hijos en entornos multilingües.

Deborah Sigler
Directora de bambolango
Hello! I’m Deborah! Soy inglesa pero llevo más de 10 años en España. Para mí, bambolango significa ilusión, energía y mucha diversión …
Fanny Sigler
Directora Creativa
¡Hola! ¡Soy Fanny! Soy bilingüe en español e inglés. La creatividad y singularidad son las características que más destacaría de bambolango …

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We would like to share the latest events, articles and resources on bilingualism and language acquisition. Keep reading for more information…!
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Under the Sea! A Summer of Learning and Exploring

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This month our topic is under the sea! And we’ve enlisted the help of Keli Garcia Allen from Learn Safari to share her ideas and experience with everything ocean and sea related! Keli is a certified Spanish teacher and currently works in a bilingual Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom. She is also the Head of

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Coming soon… Our latest offer!

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¡Good morning & buenos días bambolangueros! It’s been a while since we wrote in the blog, but it’s about time that that changed! So, here at bambolango, we’ve decided to start posting articles a little more frequently in the hope that we can offer extra help and share more about the bambolango family. That

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Silke Holguin-Butters: multilingual mum and entrepreneur

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Silke Holguin-Butters is a multilingual, entrepreneurial mum who lives in Valencia, not too far from bambolango HQ. Read more about her current project for finding child-friendly

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Early years, emotional development and language: a guest blog by Julia Collar

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Julia Collar specialises in multi-sensory work on mental health and emotional development. Her background and relationship with language are truly

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